1. Whilst all reasonable care will be taken during the execution of the works,  no responsibility can be accepted for any faults or failures that may occur  to existing pipework, fittings, equipment, etc. due to disturbance caused by  the proposed works. 

2. The attached estimate is based on a non-intrusive survey of the property  and, as such, it is assumed that any existing systems that we connect to  are in good condition and in working order. Should we find, during the  course of the works, any faults with the existing systems we reserve the  right to make a charge for correcting same. Should the client fail to mention  any relevant facts relating to the existing installation we reserve the right to  make a charge for correcting same. 

3. Dismantling, clearing and re-instatement of any fitted cupboards, etc. to  permit the proposed works to proceed will be charged at extra cost unless  specified. 

4. If, during the execution of the proposed works it is necessary to gain  access into floors below fitted carpets, these will be lifted by us and laid  back on completion. No re-stretching or fixing has been allowed for unless  specified. For floors covered with thermoplastic tiles, vinyl sheet covering,  cork tiles or laminate flooring, no allowance has been made for  

reinstatement unless specified. 

5. During the execution of the proposed works, it may be necessary to isolate  various water, gas & electrical services. This will be advised in good time  and the period of isolation will be as short as possible. 

6. Whilst all holes formed during the execution of the proposed works will be  made good on completion, no allowance has been made for re-instatement  of decorations. We do not guarantee to match existing brickwork where  boiler flue terminals have been removed. 

7. No allowance has been made for casing in of pipework or  

painting/decorating of the new works. 

8. It has been assumed that unrestricted access to all relevant parts of the  property will be afforded to us during the course of the works. Any delays  caused by restricted access not notified at the time of survey may be  subject to an extra charge and/or delay in completion. 

9. Where other trades are involved in the works and these trades are not  under our control any delays that may be caused to our progress by these  trades may be subject to an extra charge and/or delay in completion. 

10. Unless specified the works will be carried out in one continuous visit. Extra  visits at the request of the Client or caused by circumstances beyond our  control will be subject to a surcharge and may affect the completion date. 

11. Ownership of any materials supplied, whether fixed or unfixed, shall not  pass to the Client until payment in full has been received for said materials.  We reserve the right to take whatever legal action may be necessary to  secure payment for the works carried out and materials supplied either  fixed or unfixed. 

12. No allowance has been made for out-of-hours working unless specified or  to suit our own requirements. 

13. All dates or times given for the start of or duration of the works are given in  good faith based on the information gained during the survey and our  current workload commitments. These times may be varied, however, due  to unforeseen circumstances i.e. emergency call-outs, breakdowns, etc. or  to circumstances beyond our control. No liability will be accepted if it is not  possible to meet clients timescales. 

14. The works described in the estimate will be guaranteed for a period of  twelve months from date of completion against faulty design and  

workmanship. The materials supplied will be subject to the 

suppliers/manufacturers guarantees. The Client’s Statutory Right in law are  not effected by this guarantee. This guarantee does not extend to existing,  installed equipment, pipework or fittings. 

15. Whilst certain items may be specified by name or model, we reserve the  option to supply goods of a different manufacture providing they shall be  suitable for the purpose intended. 

16. Any items or materials supplied by the Client or others for our fixing will be  unpacked and inspected in the presence of the Client. Any faults found will  be pointed out to the Client whose responsibility it will be to obtain  replacement items. Any delays caused by faulty or damaged items may be  chargeable, may result in us withdrawing from site and may affect the  completion date of the works. 

17. Any additional works that the Client requires to be carried out whilst the  specified works are being executed will be charged at extra cost. An  indication of such cost will be given and the Client’s agreement to same will  be obtained before the additional works proceed. 

18. This estimate is open for acceptance for a period of 30 days providing the  works can be commenced within 90 days both periods from the date of  estimate and thereafter may be subject to revision or withdrawal. 

19. Terms of payment are given on the estimate for the works and it is a  condition of acceptance that these be adhered to. We reserve the right to  charge interest at the rate of 5% above Lloyds TSB Bank plc’s current base  rate per month on overdue accounts. 

20. The price specified in this estimate does not include for the removal of any  dangerous waste materials such as asbestos found when carrying out the  works. This will be subject to an extra charge. 

21. Acceptance of the Estimate confirms acceptance of these conditions. 22. Prior to commencement of work involving gas appliances, the existing gas  supply will be subject to a soundness test to check for compliance with  Gas Safety Regulations. Any faults found will be advised to the Client and  any rectification works required may be subject to additional charges. 23. Should the works include a powerflush of the existing heating system, it  must be pointed out that, whilst this treatment is generally harmless,  depending on the condition of the existing components the process may  find weaknesses in the system. Should any such problems be encountered  then any rectification works required may be charged at extra cost. The  customer will be asked to sign a waiver confirming this point. 24. Should the works include a new combination heating boiler unit connected  to an existing heating system, the Client should be aware that the higher  pressures used by this type of boiler may find weaknesses in the existing  system. Any repairs required in this respect are not included in this  estimate. The customer will be asked to sign a waiver confirming this point. 25. This estimate does not include for any parking fees levied in Controlled  Parking Zones (CPZ’s). Any such fees incurred will be passed onto the  Client at cost. 

26. It is the responsibility of the Client to ensure that all children and pets are  kept away from the areas in which we are working. 

27. If the proposed works are being carried out in a leasehold property it is the  sole responsibility of the Client to ensure that all necessary permissions  have been obtained in writing from the landlords/managing agents. We  accept no responsibility whatever for any works carried out without the  necessary permissions. We can furnish details of the proposed works if so  required at possible additional cost.