Types of boilers explained

There are three main types of condensing gas boilers: combi boilers, system boilers and conventional boilers (also called traditional, regular boilers, open vent or heat only boilers).

Before deciding which of these boiler system to proceed with you should always consider:
     The size of the property & and planned extensions
     The current boiler type & pipework in your property
     The number of showers & the number of bathrooms
     The area’s water pressure
     The type of property
     If the boiler needs to be solar compatible

Each type of condensing boiler has a range of unique properties to suit these requirements.

To help provide you with some insight into which boiler replacement option is the most practical choice for your own home take a look at our guide below. We share how each boiler type works, their advantages and what kind of homes they work best in

Combi Boilers

House Layout Diagram

A combination boiler, or Combi boiler,  is a type of condensing boiler. 


These are the UK’s most popular type of boiler. These combi boilers can be an energy efficient option as they only heat the water you use while still providing efficient central heating. Check out our range of Combi boilers and find the perfect boiler for your home’s heating system. 


Energy & Cost Efficient

A combi boiler only heats the water you need, when you need it, saving a lot in energy and increasing cost efficiency.


Quick & Easy To Install

No tank is required for a combi boiler making it one of the most straightforward boilers to install. 


Instant Hot Water 

Combi boilers can provide an unlimited supply of hot water on demand as there is no water tank to heat up.



As there is no need for a separate water tank, combi boiler systems take up much less space than conventional heating systems.